Natural CSH phases

CSH Minerals

There exist a lot of other CSH phases, which may contain aluminium or alkalis or halogens. Aluminium often is found in tobermorite, tacharanite always contains aluminium.

Chlorine is a constituent of rustumite, flour of cuspidine, sodium and potassium respectively are found in pektolite and miserite. These minerals are not represented in the diagram above.

In total the number of natural CSH phases is told to be between 30 and 40. Some of them are very rare. The conditions for formation of CSH phases in the crust, hydrothermal below 350°C, are present only in small regions and for short times in geological terms.

The phases C8S5 and kilchoanite don't contain water but can be found as hydrothermal minerals. Wollastonite, rankinite and larnite belong not to the CSH phases. Besides kilchoanite there is supposed to exist a hydrokilchoanite type. Wollastonite and larnite are the typical products when dehydrating CSH phases in air.

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