Some scientific basics about AAC

CSH phases

Calcium Silicate Hydrates are spoken of as CSH phases. There exist a lot of CSH minerals. The binding components in steam cured building materials are also CSH phases. Almost all of this artificial CSH phases occur as minerals too. It is typical for CSH minerals to be found in the crust where hydro thermal conditions have been established during formation of stone. Many CSH minerals are very rare. The following diagrams with CaO, SiO2 und H2O in ternary plots may give an impression of diversity of CSH phases.

Survey to CSH minerals

Survey to technical CSH phases

Chemical and mineralogical components of AAC

AAC consists out of air mainly. Almost all the pore volume of AAC is filled with air. The solid materials skeleton only makes up between 15 and 30 vol.-%.

Composition of AAC

The chemical reactions during formation of AAC, Starting with raw materials in the slurry mixture, are rather complex.

Development of phase composition during AAC processing

Porosity in AAC

In AAC it is easy to distinguish two groups of pore size. The artificial air pores, with diameters around 1 mm, also called macro pores, can be seen by naked eye. The pores contained in the solid skeleton are much more smaller. These are called micro pores in case of AAC. They are in size from some nanometres up to around 100 micrometres in pore diametres.

Pore size distribution in AAC

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